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Are The People Of Innovations Our Brothers? | Shaykh Arafaat Bn Hasan al-Muhammadī

https://youtu.be/6p0Qm1pVhUs Questioner: May Allāh be benevolent to you, esteemed Shaykh, this questioner says; is it permissible to refer to the people of innovation as our brothers? Shaykh Arafaat bn Ḥasan al-Muḥammadī: The basis with respect to the people of innovations is that they are boycotted and warned against, and are not sat with nor are they praised. This is the basis. That does not mean ...

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What The Methodology Of Al-Muwāzanāt Opposes | Shaykh Abdullāh al-Bukhārī

https://youtu.be/CqRX6RANUp0 Shaykh AbdulLah bn AbdirRaheem Al-Bukhari At any rate, this methodology and that is the manhaj of the muwāzanāt i.e the mentioning of the good and the bad (qualities).It has two sides, the First side; when I am writing the biography of an individual, I will speak about him as someone writing his biography (i.e I will mention everything about him); "He was amongst the ...

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