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She Requests For A Divorce Because Her Husband Got Married To A New Wife | Shaykh Arafāt bn Hasan al-Muhammadī

https://youtu.be/Ys8m6Zan4VM Questioner: May Allaah be good to you o esteemed shaykh. This questioner says, What is the ruling on the divorce request of a wife due to the marriage of her husband to another wife? Shaykh ‘Arafaat bn Hasan al-Muhammadi: It is not lawful for a woman to request divorce because her husband got married to another woman. Because this is from his rights that ...

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Save Your Marriage

These days, divorce has become so rampant - both among Salafis and Non-Salafis and, with the few I have seen myself, what I have seen to be majorly destroying our marriages is the so-called idea of civilization, modernisation, feminism and things like women's financial Independence. Marriages today are different from what they used to be, and our roles in marriages are different from what was ...

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