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The Callers To Misguidance Hide Under A Facade By Shaykh Rabee’ bn Hādī al-Madkhalī

Shaykh Rabee’ bn Hādī al-Madkhalī -may Allāh preserve him- said: “So this is Iblees, he did not say to Ādam and Ḥawwā', verily I am an oppressive evildoer. Rather, ﴾And he swore by Allah to them both (saying): "Verily, I am one of the sincere well-wishers for you both."﴿ And this is Fir’aun, he did not say to his people, verily I am a disbelieving ...

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The Ideal Islamic Golden Age

There have been several challenges on Muslims to emulate the so-called “Islamic Golden Age” i.e the 8th to 14th century when several books of Latin and Greek were translated to Arabic and Syriac. At this period, many Muslims felt inferior of the true Islamic knowledge, and they see what was with Plato, Socrates and Aristotle to be the classical knowledge because of the scientific benefits ...

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Hizbiyyah Under The Garb of Salafiyyah – Part 2

All praises be to Allah. In the first part of this write up, we examined the claim of people who label brothers upon Salafiyyah because they believe they are limiting Salafiyyah to some certain personalities by testing people with them and they suspect such a person to be an innovator if he claims that he doesn't love those personalities. By Allah, that is not Hizbiyyah, ...

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Hizbiyyah Under The Garb of Salafiyyah – 1

Hizbiyyah is partisanship, it is to unite and side with an individual, groups or a particular ideology that is in opposition with Kitaab and Sunnah. It is not compulsory that a person registers himself with a particular organization, once he believes in their ideologies and he makes use of those ideologies, he has become a Hizbee, a partisan. The path of Hizbiyyah is a path ...

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“Islāmic Movies: Facts, Fiction or Faction?”

The so-called “Islamic movies” are more dangerous than the regular movies. Scholars have made explanations regarding watching movies generally and their prohibition is known, as they contain music and gazing at what Allah has prohibited (like women that are not clothed in the proper Hijab and all). Some people know these prohibitions but they get deceived by their whims, desires and misguided scholars that the ...

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Understanding Firmness, Shukr and Deviation

Do you know anything more saddening than death? It is deviation. It is when a person has been a Muslim but suddenly stopped being so. It is when a person has been upon sunnah and Salafiyyah but suddenly stops. Everyone should fear deviation for himself, as no living human can boast of being safe from deviation. We have seen people whom we believed to be ...

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