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3 Tarbiyah Lessons From A Qurayshi Woman

Ash-Sha'bi رحمه الله said: The Quraysh used to love 'Uthman to the extent that a woman would sing for her son, saying: أُحِبُّــــــكَ وَالرَّحْمَــــنْ ## حُـــــبَّ قُـــــرَيْشٍ عُثْمَــــانْ I love you, I swear by Ar-Rahman # as Quraysh loved Uthman. Kitāb Al-'Iyāl Ibn Abi Dunya No. 277 Page 435 Expressing Love To Children Writing and singing personalised poems for children is from the greatest ways ...

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The Muslim Home And The Television

Imām al-Albānī -may Allāh have mercy on him- said: “The television is an accursed Shayṭān in the Muslim home.”¹ Shaykh Ibn Bāz -may Allāh have mercy on him- said: “Watching the television is very dangerous. And I advise with not watching it and not sitting before it, as much as possible. However, if the one watching it has the ability to benefit from the good ...

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O Women of The Muslims! By Shaykh Khālid bn Ḍaḥwī aẓ-Ẓufayrī

https://youtu.be/qotIHXgForM Shaykh Khālid bn Ḍaḥwī aẓ-Ẓufayrī: O women of the Muslims! Fear Allāh! Fear Allāh, the Most High, with regards to your assignments that encircle your necks. Be good to your children by way of (giving them) a beneficial Islāmic upbringing. And strive in the preparation of the children – a sound and prosperous preparation. Because the woman has more intense effects on her children ...

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Advice to The One Who Does Not Want to Get Pregnant Due to Fear of Pain By Shaykh Abdullāh bn AbdirRaḥeem al-Bukhārī

https://youtu.be/zntTu-mgCqY This questioner says; what is your advice for a woman who does not want to conceive because of her fear of pain. She also claims that she is not prepared for it and that she’s still young. The advice for the likes of this sister is that:This statement is only due to the fear caused by Shaitan(Devil), so she should not follow it nor ...

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Extreme Love of Money: A Great Fitnah (Tribulation) By Shaykh Muḥammad bn Ghālib al-Umarī

https://youtu.be/rN4P7RbLiPA Shaykh Muḥammad bn Ghālib al-Umarī: The nature of man is that he loves Money. The one who hates and abhors money can't be found. However, (there's) a difference between you possessing money and you being possessed by money i.e Money is the one that has a dominion over you and you are not the one who has a dominion over it. This is Fitnah ...

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Going to school is the way to success is a popular old belief but the story is not the same again, as school now kills some psychological developments of the child. But the basic reason why people won't agree that these conventional schools are killing children's psychological developments is that they think that the school design is an outcome of a scientific research of how ...

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Dear young Salafee, The agony you feel whilst practicing the Sunnah, I can relate with it. Oh, I know how you dodge your uncles and your dad’s friends for fear of bowing, kneeling or prostrating and I am very much aware of how you are being persecuted in your local Masjid because you don’t practice Bidi’ah with them. Yes, I know how you flee out ...

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