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How Hard Is Your Heart Among The Hearts?

The heart of a Muslim should not only be full of hope without fear. There are several things that you need to fear for yourself. If a Muslim contemplates the reality of himself and his weaknesses, he would laugh very little and weep much. Does man not contemplate his worship at all? What if they lack Ikhlaas (sincerity) and Allah won't accept them from him? ...

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Mending the heart- Hope with fear

The tabi'ī Talq ibn Habib said:If an ordeal appears amongst you, extinguish it with taqwa.When he was asked about taqwa, he replied,Taqwa is that you act in obedience to Allah, and hope in His mercy, upon a light from Him; and taqwa is leaving acts of disobedience to Allah out of fear of Him, upon a light from Him.¹ We see from the narration above ...

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