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Is it True That Shaykh Rabee’ bn Haadi Al Madkhali Changed? By Shaykh ‘Arafaat Al-Muhammadi

https://youtu.be/IcA5yznz46E Questioner: May Allāh be good to you O esteemed Shaykh. This questioner says did Shaykh Rabee' (may Allāh preserve him) change? Shaykh 'Arafaat bn Hasan Al-MuhammadīThese are the books of Shaykh Rabee' before us and they're many and have been compiled.Majmoo' Al-Kutub war Rasā'il Wal Fatāwā(compilation of Books and Treaties and Religious Verdicts of Shaykh Rabee' ), read them and explain to us where ...

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