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Rights Of The Females In Islam (5)

Fulfilling Duties And Obligations "Verily, Allāh, the most Exalted has laid down religious obligations…" (Continuation of the Muslim female series). All praises are due to Allāh, we thank Him for all of His favours upon us, and especially at this moment, for giving us the tawfīq to continue with this series after a long time. And we pray that He grants us ease to be ...

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The next right that Islam has given females, which I'll be highlighting, is the right to be seen as humans and loved and honoured. Did you ever think of the fact that we could have been given a chance to live but not be loved or respected? You know, just being alive is one thing, but being alive and being loved and valued is another. ...

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Rights Of The Female In Islam (1)

In the last episode, I mentioned how Islam has blessed females by giving them basic rights they were denied during the jahiliyyah period (the pre-islamic era of ignorance). Actually, it wasn't only the Arab civilisation during those eras that denied females basic rights to even be seen as human beings. It was almost a worldwide thing, but we thank Allah for Islam that saved the ...

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