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Love For Allāh And Sincerity In Actions

Shaykh Al-Islām ibn Taymiyyyah رحمه الله said: From what clarifies love for Allāh and love for other than Allāh is that Abu Bakr loved the Prophet ﷺ sincerely for Allāh, while Abu Tālib, his uncle, loved him and aided him for his desires, not for Allāh. So Allāh accepted the deeds of Abu Bakr and revealed regarding him: ﴾وَسَيُجَنَّبُهَا ٱلْأَتْقَى﴿ “And Al-Muttaqun (the pious and ...

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How Hard Is Your Heart Among The Hearts?

The heart of a Muslim should not only be full of hope without fear. There are several things that you need to fear for yourself. If a Muslim contemplates the reality of himself and his weaknesses, he would laugh very little and weep much. Does man not contemplate his worship at all? What if they lack Ikhlaas (sincerity) and Allah won't accept them from him? ...

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Mending The Heart – Ikhlaas

As muslims, one of the characteristics we can't find success without is sincerity. Sincerity with regards to our deen, our deeds. It's the first condition that will get us to be rewarded for the actions we perform. Allah ﷻ says: "Say (O Muhammad ﷺ): "Verily, I am commanded to worship Allah (Alone) by obeying Him and doing religious deeds sincerely for Allah's sake only and ...

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