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Why The Muslims Are In A State Of Weakness

Shaykh al-Islām Ibn Taymiyyah (d. 728) said: “And when the Muslims are in a state of weakness, and when their enemy overpowers them, that is due to their sins and acts of disobedience: It is either due to their negligence with respect to fulfilling the obligations — inwardly and outwardly. Or due to their transgression by transgressing the boundaries — inwardly and outwardly. Allāh, the ...

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How To Achieve Rectification Of The Society

Many of those who are supporting Sunday Igboho and Yorùbá Nation know that their means is not the right path to rectification, they are only frustrated by the level of insecurity and poverty in the country. It is good that we start preaching to people that Hunger and Fear are punishments from Allah, Allah sends both as punishment to people who do not obey Him. ...

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