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The Guiding Principle Regarding What Can Be Rejected And What Cannot Be Rejected From The Speech Of The Scholars | Shaykh Ṣalāḥ Kantūsh Al-ʿAdanī

https://youtu.be/B-3GeWczSzI In the name of Allāh, the Most Merciful, the Especially Merciful. All praise is due to Allāh. And may Allāh extol, grant peace, and bless His Chosen Prophet, his household, his Companions, and whoever follows him. To proceed: an advice to the beginner, intermediate, or advanced students. And this advice, in reality, I wanted it to be in a larger sitting, but from the ...

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Response To The Student Who Claimed That It Is From Fairness To Listen To Rejoinders Of The Opposer – Part 1

https://youtu.be/5tUMZSTI2sE Shaykh Fuãd Az-Zintãnī: Wa Alaykum salãm wa rahmatullãh wa barakãtuhu. Know—may Allãh bless you—that whoever was upon the Sunnah and the scholars spoke against him with evidence and proofs, then he is to be warned against. If they declared him an innovator, he is to be declared an innovator. As for what you mentioned regarding this brother, that he listens to the defence of ...

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A Concise Guide To Seeking Knowledge

A normal human doesn't do things because other people do them, he does it because he is convinced by a strong reason. Before we embark on seeking knowledge, we must have a strong 'why' that convinces us that knowledge is worthy of our efforts and sacrifices. Even if we face circumstances on the path that wants to make us quit, we remember these 'why's and ...

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