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3 Tarbiyah Lessons From A Qurayshi Woman

Ash-Sha'bi رحمه الله said: The Quraysh used to love 'Uthman to the extent that a woman would sing for her son, saying: أُحِبُّــــــكَ وَالرَّحْمَــــنْ ## حُـــــبَّ قُـــــرَيْشٍ عُثْمَــــانْ I love you, I swear by Ar-Rahman # as Quraysh loved Uthman. Kitāb Al-'Iyāl Ibn Abi Dunya No. 277 Page 435 Expressing Love To Children Writing and singing personalised poems for children is from the greatest ways ...

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Participation Of Women In Qur’ān Competition | Shaykh Muhammad ‘Umar Al-Fullaniy

https://youtu.be/HXkEt6A-7UM As-salamu alaykum Wa rahmatuLLAAH wa barakaatuH. May Allaah elongate your lives Here is a question that reads: What is the ruling on women participating in the Qur’an competition where she recites in front of people, men and women. The second question says: Is it permissible for her to uncover her face in front of people for this reason? Because she does not see it ...

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Can A Woman Recite Qur’an With Microphone In The Presence Of Men? | Shaykh Muhammad bn Salih Al-Uthaymeen

https://youtu.be/XhB382p4Lb0 The presenter: She says: "we are in a school and whenever we have a lecture or celebrations, we always start with the Noble Qur’an. I was asked to open the sitting for them with the Qur’an, knowing that the reading is done with a loudspeaker. Also, there are a number of men in the occasion or the lecture, so is there a sin in ...

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How Can A Wife Be Righteous? | Shaykh ʿUbayd bn ʿAbdillāh Al-Jābirī

https://youtu.be/HaDQ_gja11A Presenter May Allāh be benevolent to you. This is a questioner saying: How can the wife be righteous? Shaykh ʿUbayd bn ʿAbdillāh Al-Jābirī He ﷺ said, in description of the righteous woman: “She is the one whom when you look at her, she delights you. And when you command her, she obeys you. And when you're away from her, she safeguards you.” And in ...

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